Consultancy Solutions

We provide a professional consultancy service related to your sector in these days when the correct market analysis is of incredible importance. You will be able to observe a professional report and management process again with our consultancy packages that we have customized for your institution or for you.

SEO Consultancy

You can make it easier to reach your customers by ranking higher in search engines. We can show you higher rankings in search engines such as Google with the work we will do on a word you have determined about your industry (for example, printing house). With our weekly and monthly reports, you can increase your potential sales by accurately observing the behavior analysis of customers coming to your website in line with legal frameworks.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

If you think that your institution is lagging behind in the field of digital marketing, you are in the right place. As Webzigo, we enable your company to gain a professional working style in areas such as social media account management, advertising management and image management. As Webzigo, we can help you get more customers by optimizing your ads correctly, show your company professionally on social media and keep up with the digital world.

E-Commerce Consultancy

We can observe that many companies turn to e-commerce due to online shopping. If you want to be one of these companies, we enable you to establish a ready-made e-commerce system, such as analyzing your product sales, shipping process and the most sold products and reporting them to you.

Career Consultancy

We provide career coaching services for those who want to pursue a career in software, digital marketing, IT and server management. Thanks to the roadmap customized in line with your relevant goals and skills, you can take one more step towards your dream job.

Software Consultancy

We provide more efficient and affordable software support by offering alternatives to various software that our institution pays in line with exorbitant prices. You will be able to observe many benefits of software consultancy with customized software preferences for your institution.

Cyber Security Consultancy

In the digital world, where personal data security is becoming increasingly important, we help you protect your company against cyber attacks. By professionally training your employees in the field of cyber security, we help them protect your organization against cyber threats that may come from outside. Thanks to the customized cyber security employee program, we discover the cyber security vulnerabilities of each of your employees and provide them with a special training process.

IT: Human Resources Consultancy

It is incredibly important to be able to accurately measure the knowledge level of a candidate who will work in the field of Information Processing (IT) for your institution. For this reason, as Webzigo, we provide IT human resources consultancy services, measure the knowledge level of the personnel you will recruit for your institution and inform you. Remember, if you want to find a good IT staff, their knowledge should be questioned by a good IT person.

IT: University Consultancy

With the Informatics:University Counseling, which we have created for students who want to advance in the field of informatics, we analyze the universities and departments that you can choose in line with your interests and goals and present them to you as a report.